Exhilo flow KORB

making of: Exhilo Flow

Director concept was naturally brought to life Exhilo logo. There is a lot of possibilities to do that: soft bodies, cloths or even hand-keyframed bones, but our choice was particles, especially pflow box#2.

    1. Initially, we model logo (from splines!).
  1. Then, every strand was divided into smaller pieces. This was used as driving objects for particles.
  2. And here is the main trick: small proxy pieces was ported to pflow and used as glued objects. With all PhysX stuff, this allows us to drive every strand separate or even entire strands cluster.
  3. Tip: for smooth strands cluster movement, PhysX subframe factor must be set pretty high (in this example – 50)

  4. Finally, to reduce particles intercollision errors and to fix some free space between divided parts, the entire particle system was “skinned” on to hi-poly strands. This can be done by Particle Skinner or with 3dsmax standard Skin Wrap (if particles are baked to animated geometry).
An interesting thing that even splines can be used as skinned objects to particles, this opens a new box of searching and researching new possibilities.


And here is a finished cake:

  1. You’re work is really inspirational to me. You’re really good at this. Thanks for sharing ! 😀

    1. Mesh splitting into smaller chunks can be done just by detaching polygons. And yes, it can be done by fragmenting with rayfire as well.

  2. Man, this is sooo pretty, out of curiosity, is the dummy object (assuming that the green thing is a dummy) doing something or is it just a global parent?
    are you using somethingto pin them together, like a anchor external object?, is the second force you use to sculpt the motion just gravity or wind?

    Inspiring work, kudos! and thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you for kind words.
      Dummy is only global parent.
      Every wire doesn’t care about another wire in any ways, particles are glued only with next near particles.
      And force, as you can see from Particle View, is only from animated Winds (2 actually) – one for pulse, another for drag to the center.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Yeah, it simplifyes things quite a bit (which makes it even more impressive), thank you!

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