making of: SCI | Unnatural

How Science channel ident at KORB was made

  1. Hi Deko! first of all, nice shot!! could you help me?!? … i am trying to make my own version, would be nice to have others screen.. please!

      1. beyond fumefx was also used frostmx and Krakatoa, i think .. if yes, it would be nice to understand how, you make fx with particles when they explode from frost to krakatoa, this part for me is unknow 🙂 also the trick in the first liquid part with some volume and particle i think.. if you could make some other info i would be grateful.


        1. First liquid was maked with Realflow. Explosion – with FumeFX, which was rendered with Krakatoa. And the same FumeFX simulation was used to make some liquids on top, this is where PFlow + Frost make things work.

          Check out how to generate particles from FumeFX here:

  2. thanks, deko, i was almost lost your “spa” project.. hopeful to make things in the right way! i am still more motivated to make it, even if i won’t use realfolw, i have too much to learn and too less time!

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