FumeFX nuke explosion

scene: FumeFX explosion

Here is my latest fumefx burning research.


The explosion created with 2 particle flow sources, one for shockwave and one for the main explosion. There is a slight delay between particle emitting, just for shockwave come first. Temperature is high (~1000), but drops pretty quickly (keyframed).

Here is a preview without shockwave:

And FINAL animation:

Sometime later I will show compositing tricks with separated RGB lighting. Stay tuned!


FumeFX scene for free:


  1. awesome work…can you please help me out from render passes..i also know FumeFx..but have less knowledge on render passes..can you please tell me that how many render passes should be taken out for fluids and how…Thank You

    1. Hi Divyansh,
      passes are generated from Render Elements. FumeFX provide only 4: FumeFX Fire, FumeFX Smoke, FusionWorks Velocity and FusionWorks Z Depth. Check out help to find more info about those.And usually I use only Fire and Smoke passes, but with FumeFX 3 effector, you can make additional passes like temperature, density etc… I will make extra tutorial somewhere in the near future.

  2. hiif we buy this project ?you are teaching how to make this explosion ?do u have tutorial for this explosion ?also it is little expensive

    1. Zelenka, there is nothing very special in this simulation, but I can explain all parts why whatsit happening privately. Email me privately.

  3. Fantastic work Deko !I have a simple question : Did you check : Fire create smoke ? because it’s very realistic. Thank you

  4. Wow your sim and render are impressive 🙂 i’m looking forward to see your compositing trick with rgb. Your rgb pass was create by effector, i’m right? Did you have link color to temperature ? Your effector gradient is : [R G B] ? I search to create a good Rgb pass like you 🙂 have a nice sunday

  5. Perfect explosion! I wonder know how can your control the time of the mushroom cloud arise! I always explode too faster! >..<

  6. May I use the image of this explosion in my dissertation? I’m arguing that CG images have got so good that audiences can’t tell the real from the virtual. Your explosion proves the point pretty well I think.
    Scott. P.S. Great work keep it up!

  7. as can I configure FumeFX? for:
    see the FumeFX particles in the working window.

    as the second picture, excuse me for my bad English.

    1. Yes, you can see pflow particles affecting FumeFX in 3dsmax scene itself. You can buy it in link above or contact me personally to see how solve your situation. Thank you.

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