FumeFX fire

scene: FumeFX fire


Here is max (2011) scene, to look more closely:

Download (26 KB)


As you can see, there is nothing special, particles following Speed by Icon gizmo and fluids is generated from those particles (particle source).


One brilliant FumeFX ability is to render different elements separately. Here is an example how it looks straight from render (left) and what can be achieved with very simple tweaking in compositing software.


Grab Fusion project, including rendered frame passes:

Download (7,7 MB)

Final result:


METHOD B – multiple sources

But in reality, fire burns in a much more aggressive way. Let’s try a different setup.

Here is 2 FumeFX fire only examples.


Sample A – is one standard FumeFX particle source, like in above sample.

Sample B – is one simple source wich contains only temperature and particle source with only fuel and little more velocity.
* for this example purposes, burn rate and ignition temp a little bit tweaked.


So, in reality, it happens like we had fuel steam and with another source, we just ignite it with even more temperature. The animation below to see differences:

Take max scene and don’t forget to share your results 🙂

Download (27 KB)


One more FumeFX fire example